Monday, August 15, 2011

False Lashes and Red Caps (Part 2)

Read Part 1 HERE.

My friends and I crowd in the mirror, looking ourselves over and curling our hair just so. In a borrowed lavender dress and fake eyelashes, I feel all at once incredible and ridiculous. I know I'll see him tonight. Benji. His green eyes so close to the color of my own, boring into me and his smile making me feel like laughing. I arrive early to set up, throwing streamers over the plain basement, and setting up our dessert station upstairs. Suddenly he is coming through the door, wearing all black and a white tie, his favorite red hat proving his laid back attitude. He is with Zach and they are talking. We exchange hellos and I fear the blush of my cheeks will give me away. The party gets under way and our friends are dancing downstairs, music blares through the floor and Vic grabs me to go boogie. It's dark and loud and fun. Eventually, my confidence wears and I remove the false lashes and add a sweater to my ensemble, I've discarded my heels hours ago. The party dies down, people are leaving, going outside to smoke cigars, and I attempt to clean up. Benji and I danced together a little, but mostly stared at each other from afar. Somehow we make plans to go to Shari's, an all night diner. I beg him to drive me home first so I can change out of this dress I am beginning to feel silly in. I change into jeans and a sweatshirt, sighing at the comfort of being myself. Sitting across from him, we talk and talk and talk. I feel connected to this boy and yet I hardly know him. We are completely different in almost every way. He has brothers,I have a sister. His parents are still married, mine are divorced. He's lived in Wenatchee his whole life and I've moved all over. Still, there is something there. I write on a receipt, "Benji likes Emily and Emily likes Benji. But what does that mean?" That piece of paper, now worn with age still sits in his wallet.

To be continued...


  1. Eeep I'm so glad you're writing your story, since I've never heard the whole thing with all it's glorious, goody details! You write a good cliff hanger...!


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