Thursday, August 4, 2011

glitter rainbow happiness land-intro

Alright, let's get this over with. (First blog entries are way awkward). I'm like, 'What do I write about?', 'Do I jump right in?', 'Exactly what kind of intro is appropriate for a readership of zero?'

My blog is called "glitter rainbow happiness land" because it's what popped into my head after a very intense thought process of about 20 seconds. I am not cool. I thought Lisa Frank stuff was cool, okay? That's how cool I am. I read books, and sometimes I do like to research stuff (that is a scientific word), because, as I said, I am not cool. Do they still make Lisa Frank stuff? Because I am pretty sure my daughter has inherited my coolness factor and would love that puppy heart kitten rainbow sparkle manifesto of awesome.

I have a husband and two daughters who are little and cute. Well, hm, okay, one is little and cute, the other one is 2&ahalf, so...

I plan about 7 vacations a week and try to convince my husband (Benji) that all of them are possible. We just need to stay positive and he just needs to work like 237563 hours for a few months. We can do this! Yeah! Woo! Mexico here we come! Let's go Disneyland! Lake Tahoe we'll be seeing you soon! Hi-yah! Hoorah.

I have an irrational fear of bugs. Only when Benji is here though. If I'm home and see a bug, I kill that sucker. And I move the frick on, ya know? It's like, you do what you gotta do. But if Benji is home, I call to him in a very high-pitch, screechy, voice full of panic and jee bees, "Benji! There's---ahhhhhh---oh my---ahhhh!---bug!-Benji! Can you---ahhhhh! It's moving--oh my---what the frick are you doing!!!?--get in here!" So that's fun and interesting.

If I were a color, I think I'd be yellow. Even though green is probably my favorite color, I'd be yellow because it's bright and happy, but it can also make you want to throw up sometimes, ya know?

This is glitter rainbow happiness land, welcome.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA... YESSSSS!!! I am happy right now. :) You now have a readership of one!!! You gotta eat an elephant one bite at a time, right?!?!

    I don't think that analogy was completely appropro in this context, but oh well :)

    PS, I do the same things with bugs. AND heavy lifting. Funny how I sprout muscles all of a sudden when Mikes not here.

  2. I freaking love you! I feel like this is going to be a good new read :) Actually, I know it is. Plus, you have Em D and I as readers. That's all I'm gonna say about that...

    SO excited to see what's next!

    PS I loved Lisa Frank. I wish I could still find that stuff. Especially the puffy stickers.

  3. You are so funny Em! I cant wait to read this!

    Welcome to the blog world!


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