Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It was fun having Grace host, but this week it's back with Jen!
Congratulations to her & her newly expanded fam-so glad they're all under one roof.
 And without further ado, my seven:

The weather is slowly getting nice, so we went for a walk:
I love this pic of Ben. It's so his personality.

The Columbia River.

Pretty park.
It wasn't that cold, but it was windy. Which might be worse than it being really cold, I'm not sure. There were moments of me not freezing my arse off, but mostly I was freezing my arse off. 
The girls & Ben didn't seem to notice, so we soldiered on! The girls had a blast playing on a sandbar on the river. So I suppose I can label it: a success!

Someone in my RCIA class asked if I would be willing to volunteer to for a sonogram at a local clinic. My answer was YES! It was basically a demonstration of a new sonogram machine for the techs. It was so fun to see our babe! Because the techs were trying out the machine, the focus was mainly on that, but I did get to see the little guy yawn a few times and took home a few cute pics. 

Both Gwen & Avie have been super into baby dolls lately. Avie especially. It is so sweet. She has THREE she carts around constantly. Here is her reading to them. Such an educational mom, she takes after me:

Our backyard is awesome, but the only adult chair we have out there is about the size of a napkin. I will let the girls be out there alone, but have to run like a mad woman any time I hear that cry of sibling aggression. But! I've found a solution. The window in the bedroom the girls share has a great vantage point & their bed is up against the window. There's even enough room on the window sill for my coffee. 
This weekend and the next marks the Apple Blossom Festival in our neck of the woods. There's parades, a carnival, a food faire, the works. BMWs flock from the Seattle area to partake in the festival, whereas the local folk curse the traffic jams, closed streets and general "West side" population.

On Monday I have my blood glucose test. And since I am Rh negative, I get to be shot up with rhogam as well! I shouldn't complain about the shot since Ben has to take many, many shots a day for his diabetes, but this shot hurts. so. dang. much. I can't help it. The site (my bum or my arm) is sore for days after. And! If the baby has positive blood like Ben, I get to have another shot after birth. 
Both girls are the same blood type as Ben. 
So Ben 2-2, Emily 0-2. 

I think blood types are interesting (geek alert!), so one night I was looking things up and I found quite a few web forums dedicated to believing O negative (my blood type) peoples descend from reptiles. Which would explain a lot about me. 

Go check out the other 7QTs.


  1. "O negative people descend from reptiles, which would explain a lot about me." lol your blog cracks me up Em! Your new house looks awesome!

  2. I'm Rh negative too! Twinsies! Sorry about that shot though.
    I love being able to send the girls out while I sit in the house, but I know what you mean about running when you hear those cries. Yay for an indoor perch!

  3. That is the most awesome watch the kids spot I can think of. Perfect!

    My husband is o positive and I love reading about blood type, so fascinating!

    The river looks beautiful, I grew up in a city with a river as its focal point and there is something special about them.

  4. I have not read much about blood types, but your findings on the web are hilarious! Must google my own blood type now. Have you read Eat Right for Your Type? very interesting.

  5. So random story, but I volunteered to be a test subject for a mobile sonogram RV that was going to stationed at various abortion clinics in the area to do counseling, and they totally didn't catch that I had twins (at 26 weeks, before I knew yet). And, awkwardly, they called me a couple weeks ago to ask how things were going, etc. and I got the distinct feeling that I ended up on their "someone who was considering abortion" list because they were like, "Oh, how is the baby, do you need anything like cribs, diapers, etc." and it was such an awkward conversation because I didn't know how to bring up the fact that I was helping them learn how to use the machine, I wasn't a woman with a crisis pregnancy!


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