Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The DM Love Posts

Oh boy.

Rachel Held Evans, a blogger, wrote a response to the two part series Donald Miller wrote about men (part 2) and women (part 1) and their love stories. I seriously appreciate RHE and what she has to say. I haven't read her book, but her blog posts are insightful and challenging. I read her response before I read what Donald Miller had written, I was intrigues to say the least. I then went and read what he wrote to women. And OH BOY. Not only is he writing love story advice before he's married, but he wrote to women in a very derogatory way. Now, I respect Donald Miller and I enjoyed the two of his books I've read. But I feel like he stepped on a lot of "Do Not Cross" lines when it comes to how to speak to women about sexuality and sin. I want to give him some slack and say that what he said has merit, but how he said it was extremely inappropriate (in my opinion). He made huge generalizations about women and on more then one occasion pointed out that men do not want to marry slutty girls, so do not be slutty. And that's the word he used, "slutty", he even coined a new phrase, "slutty season". Really? He also said that if a women had sexual sin in her life before marriage her husband would not think of her as an equal but as someone deserving of "charity"! What!? In his post to the men, he said to watch out for seductive women. And that as a Christian man he would "take" a non-Christain woman with integrity over a "Christian seductress" any day. Again, what!?! Like I said, I can see where some of what he said had merit, but the way in which he said it made me feel a little sick.

Any thoughts? Have you read the Donald Miller posts? Any other women want to comment on if his language was offensive? All opinions are welcome here (even ones that disagree with mine)!

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  1. I have not read it...but what you quoted made me gasp. I've never read Donald Miller before, but wow!


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