Thursday, August 11, 2011

Frozen Fruit Cream

We interrupt our regular scheduled posting to bring you: a recipe, with photos! This is a fast, easy and delicious (vegan, gluten free) alternative to ice cream.

One night Benji and I watched a documentary and like any great documentary, it made us feel like crap about ourselves. So we made an attempt to be more "raw" in our diet. Yes, I am aware of how terribly trendy that sounds. We bought a book of recipes (notice that I did not say "cookbook", duh, raw recipe book) and fell in love with the smoothies and fruit creams. One of my favorite is banana-chocolate chip frozen fruit cream. How boring is that name? I slightly changed the recipe, all of the ingredients they list are raw, but some raw stuff really breaks the bank, so this is the GRHL altered version I like to call...

Frozen Banana in the Sky with Cacao Nibs

You will need:
Fill a blender with 1 cup purified water
Add 2 tablespoons almond butter
Cut up 2-3 bananas and toss those into the mix
Sprinkle in 1/4 shredded unsweetened coconut
Add 1/3 raw cashews
(raw nuts are softer,
so I would recommend sticking to raw with this one)
And then add 2 tablespoons raw cacao nibs
(I know, you're all what? They are a super food, read more here)
Sweeten it all up by adding 1 1/2 raw honey
(or maple syrup or agave nectar-these would make it vegan)
Last, but not least
add a pinch of sea salt and
about 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
(or more if you're frisky like me)

You will soon be left with this:

Blend for 30-60 seconds & enjoy!
You've now got yourself a healthy, wonderful treat! This is a little chunky, so if you want something smoother, lessen the amount of cashews. Happy treating!

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  1. oh. my. gosh.

    This just made my day, that sounds DELICIOUS. thanks for sharing!


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