Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FAME! and great people awards

What is it about fame and famous people that make the hoards go cuckoo?

I recently saw a photo of Angelina Jolie with two of her children. In the background I could could see a group of people standing a few feet away taking pictures with their phones. Like they were at a zoo taking photos of animals! I would hate that. I'm walking with my kids and one cries for the lollipop she just dropped and the other kicks me in the shins while singing a Ke$ha song and someone's taking pics with their iPhone so they can post it on Facebook. Um, no thank you.
Or what about posing with celebrities as if they are statues, asking your friend to take your pic with such-and-such famous person? Something else interesting to ponder is, if you or I were to see a celebrity on the street, we probably wouldn't start a conversation with them, we'd stare and talk about them. How is that something people strive for!? Like, "What I really want in my life is for people to obsess over me, but never really know me. I want them to follow me around and take pictures, but treat me like I'm unapproachable." jigga what? And guess what? Actors pretend to be other people. That's their job. Exactly what about that is so amazing? So amazing that we fawn all over them and give them awards. So a person pretends to be another person, perhaps pretending to be someone that does something awesome like save the world, and we're all, "Wow! You pretend to do awesome stuff, like, so well! Award for you!" Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some movies and television. Truly, I do. They're like live action books. Okay? I love them. But I do not think it's appropriate to worship actors. It make no sense to me. Not only do actors only pretend to do great things and have beautiful love stories, they get paid in yachts of money, floating on rivers of swag. So, they get awarded for pretending and make more money then the president. Oh the humanity!
I know some celebrities are U.N. Ambassadors, or they run charities, or they donate money; but, uh, they're still filthy rich, they still have leagues of admirers, they still pretend to be great people as their careers, and they still have more opportunities then most of us could ever dream of.
I want to see me some actual Great People Awards. Forget giving gold statues to actors, let's show teachers and nurses and aid workers and animal shelter volunteers and foster parents that they are the ones deserving of an award and a yacht of money. Can you imagine how amazing our country could be if our emphasis were on those people?


  1. I think you should get the first Great Person award for writing such an awesome post. :D It has always blown my mind how much celebs make for acting- crazy.

  2. Seriously. Amen to you, and amen to Emily D. Not that I want an award for being a teacher, but there are some freaking awesome people who work at my school who work for hours and hours to help kiddos. If that's just in my building, can you imagine around the world?! Sheesh.

  3. YES! yes. That should be an official award. It is unbelievable..almost literally unbelievable...how much praise and wealth celebrities accumulate. Some of them, I'm sure, are really actually wonderful people who care about others and do good and stuff like that. BUT. but, a majority are so messed up, and do crazy things and get paid so much when that money could seriously be going to so many other wonderful causes...how are there so many people in need when there is this much money in the world? And don't even get me started on Jersey Shore. Or other reality "celebrities." omg.

  4. Reality tv, ugh, Kalie I am with you on that! I admire the people trying to improve themselves, like the weight loss programs, but most of the reality stuff is trash-o-la.

    So glad you ladies enjoyed my little rant. : )


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