Sunday, August 7, 2011

The long of it

Be forewarned: this is another post on friendship. And if you're all, "What? Another one? How many are they going to be? How many posts could you possibly write on friendship?" I would reply, "As many as I want!!" (sticks tongue out). And please imagine this song playing while I say that.

So someone else jumped on the friendship blog train and wrote a totally awesome post about her take on friendship and how her move to another state last year has effected her heart. All I have to say is choo-choo Kalie, choo-choo.

One of the things Kalie addressed in her post, was once we meet new people, how do we cross over from: 'Hey! So good to see you like once every other month and on special occasions!' to: 'Hey! Remember how I was telling you this morning about what he said, well, then he called me 2 seconds ago and said..." And ya know what, I haven't the foggiest!!!!! No, it's true, I know you are starting to count on my ninja like wisdom, but I got nothing on this.

So what do we do!?!?! Well, I think we need to start opening up young grasshoppers. We need to rip the potato sacks from our hearts and get a pillow case or something. We can't make best friends by being all scared all the time! Fear is no friend to nobody. I am so starting to just not care so much about what the insecurities in my heart are yelling at me. I did something revolutionary last week, I invited a friend over when my kitchen wasn't perfect looking. GASP. I know. It was messy and I was like, "hey yeah, my kitchen is messy, but I don't care." and she thought it was awesome. No truly, she did. The moral of this story is that we all have messy kitchens in our potato sack hearts. All. of. us.

What about you? Any suggestions on how to grow a friendship garden? I'm thinking there should be a for making friends. You fill out a survey and it shows you who you'd click with and then you start emailing, and talking on the phone for hours and next thing you know you are having a girl's weekend in Cabo! Shalom! Personally, I'd love just a girl's day, just one day. Heck, I'd even take like 3 hours.

Eventually though, I want to have friends that my family can vacation with. I can see it now: renting a house on the beach for a week and packing all the kids, dogs, organic food, and board games for a trip out of a Kristin Hannah novel. Sigh.

So go, glitter ninjas, go and be fruitful! Or, um, I mean, go! Go and make friends!


  1. Hey Em! Keep that kitchen messy. I always like to think, why do people pretend to live in sparkly clean places? We LIVE, EAT, LOUNGE about in our homes, let's just be honest about it. I mean, to a point.

    But hey! Girls day. Lets make it happen. I want to be in the friend garden, I have an absurdly busy schedule that usually leaves me open long after your girls probably are in bed, but we will make this happpeen! -ktwade

  2. KT! Totally agree with you on keeping our kitchens messy! I mean, I can understand wanting my house to look nice. But only to a certain extent. Having toys scattered about my living room should not prevent me from having friends over!

    And YES! I would love for you to be planted in my friend garden. : ) I will facebook you soon to get your schedule!

    Thanks for reading!


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