Friday, August 26, 2011

My Apologies

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately! I'm swimming in a river of Disney plans and devouring a great book. Plus there's the whole "mom" and "wife" thing.

Do not fear, I will return. Good news! My Mom (aka Nana) is coming to Disneyland with us! SO exciting. And yes, she is getting her own room; after hours in a car with the 4 of us, and endless rides, foods, shows, and screaming, I have no doubt she will relish in the silence of a hotel room. Maybe I should get my own room

So far I am planning the trip down to the minute. What? I'm scheduling "Free Time" in. Sheesh! And I've only bought Gwenevere two princess dresses and Avalene one Minnie Mouse dress. Well, Nana bought Gwenenvere one. And I bought them shirts too. Oh and um, Gwenevere stuff for the drive. Um, what? I am in control. Okay? Okay!

In other news, Benji shaved his beard!!! Yes! Truth! He actually still has like a small one. More of a slightly overgrown 5 o'clock shadow. Looks good people, looks good. I will hopefully be showing you some funny pics of the process in the near future.


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