Saturday, August 20, 2011


This is a continuation of this post.

So I have shared our secrets to not spending money, let me confess where we have splurged and deviated from The Pact.

We have been one date and we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. We both got waters, shared an appetizer and both got a cheesecake, so we didn't break the bank, but we still treated ourselves. We also used a Visa gift card, so technically we weren't spending our money, but of course that money could have been used for something else. The total bill, with tip, was about $25.

We have eaten at Costco a couple of times. We love Costco. We go there all the time. We had hot dogs and soda pops there once, which is $1.50 each. We got Gwenevere a pizza and another time a berry smoothie. We have also gotten just pops there for $.79. Bringing our total to, at most, about $8.

When I went to Target for diapers, I bought Gwenevere a pair of khaki shorts and Avalene 2 pairs of leggings (I know! I have a sickness.) We also bought a popcorn combo. Totaling (without diapers) about $12.

I also got to go out with some girlfriends a couple Saturdays ago (holla Megan, holla *Emily D!) and I spent $10.

I am very happy to say that is IT!!!! (A fas as I can remember). Which means we have only spent about $55 dollars this month on unnecessary things (I, however, consider Girl's Night, very necessary!).

Thank you for all your encouragement! And I will leave you with what keeps me motivated.

*My friend Emily D is having a giveaway on her blog-go check it out!

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