Friday, August 5, 2011

The Pact

I do need to let you all in on a little sumthin sumthin, The Pact. What is The Pact you ask? Well, it is something Benji and I decided to do this whole month (minds out of the gutter people!). We are trying-NAY-vowing to not spend any money on wants for the whole month of August. So we'll pay our bills and stuff because I haven't figured out a legal way around that yet, but we will not be purchasing clothes, coffees, fast food and the like. People, this is so hard for me! When Benji works all day I somehow find myself going to Target (bad Em!) and somehow things just find their way into my cart and next thing I know I'm out a hundred bucks and Benji is asking me why we suddenly have a pilates DVD and new place mats. Our goal is to pay down some of our consumer debt and go to Disneyland. Okay, so I need to come clean...Benji has never been to Disneyland! I KNOW! It's like a crime. A crime punishable by marriage to me. Because let me tell you, I love me some Disneyland. I love me some Disney everything. And a land of Disney is like, well, a dream! Hello! So Benji is being wise and agreeing to go to Disneyland, but he's not as driven, because, he's never been and he just doesn't understand the magnitude! And yes, we will be bringing our girls because we have to, and well, we like them. I need your help to keep us (me) accountable! I will be doing weekly updates on how The Pact is going and if I've caved.

I'd also like to inform you that Lisa Frank paraphernalia is still readily available. I did a lot of research (Google) and it looks like it's still the puppy kitten unicorn sparkle love heart orange ball of wow that it always was. You're welcome.


  1. Jason and I are working really hard to cut down our spending on wants as well! I wish I had Disneyland as a reward!(I too have never been.)Good luck and stay strong!

  2. Thanks Amber! Yeah,bit's so hard to say no to spending-especially if it's only a few bucks, but those bucks sure add up. Good luck to you as well!


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