Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Faith Steps: Truth & Childhood

This is going to be an on-going sporadic series on faith.

Why are people afraid of truth? Whether it be that the new hairstyle is just not the best, or that the boyfriend is a jerk, we just seem to suck at seeing truth. Some people are more guitly of this then others, but we've all been there. What's up wit that!?

This is on my mind as Benji and I explore our faith and wonder at the 'whys' of it all. Sometimes people are interested in what we are learning and sometimes it seems that they shut up their ears to keep out our incessantious voices.

I felt God calling to me before I knew anything about him. I never went to church as a child. I had never heard my parents talk about God. There were a few times I went to church with a babysitter or a friend, but I always felt left out or looked over. My parents didn't go to church so why should the ladies doing Sunday school pay special attention to me? I remember even being laughed at for asking if "white lies" counted as lies during a Sunday school lesson. "It doesn't matter what color the lie is", the woman had said, laughing at me and looking at the other teachers, "it's still a lie." But I fought back and asked about if someone got a bad haircut, should I really tell them it looks awful? She made some lame excuse and I never went back. Even though I had not so great experiences at church, I was still fascinated by religion and God. I saw religion as a special club. And all I ever wanted was to belong.

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