Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where I Obsess Over Ride Max

Holla everybody, holla.

We took Gwenevere to get her hair cut the other day. Her hair is pretty crazy most days. It is thin and so it sort just poofs out every which way and well, she looks homeless. Now I know what you are thinking, why not put cute little ponies in her hair and what not? She despises having anything in her hair. Oh sure, we're good for the first few minutes of her hair being up, but eventually, no matter what, it get pulled out. Probably with some of her thin tresses as well. So we took her to a Super Cuts or some such high fashion place to cut it! And oh my gosh, why had we not done this sooner?!?! It looks adorable. Truly. If she ever stands still I will take a pic to post. It is just below her ears, a little bob. ADORBS! The best part? I just have to comb it and she looks like she has a home. It is still long enough for some pigtails too if she so desired. Anyways, I just love it.

We have about 25 days left until Disneyland (yes I am counting). SO EXCITED. I have been utilizing a system known as Ride Max. People, do not go to Disneyland or Disneyworld without using Ride Max!!! I am cereal (aka serious, cute right?). It's basically a program that you buy for $14.99 and it creates custom plans for your family based on the day you are going and the rides you want to go on. You can add breaks and altered it to fit your needs. Awesome sauce. It's goal is to get you on rides with the least amount of wait time possible. How cool is that? None of the wait times on our plans are more then about 20 minutes (there are a few exceptions to, but no more then 3 are more then 20 min). It is totally worth $15 to me. I do not want to be stressing out during a fun (and expensive) trip like this, you feel me? I also love having a plan. Oh my gosh, A PLAN! Who wants to spend half of the day in Disneyland looking at a map going, "Um, what should we do next?" And if you don't go to Disneyland like every other month, you will be that person. Or I would be. This way we have a game plan and if we vary it a bit, who cares, but at least we have something to go off of. This also makes it possible for us to see and do everything we want while there for 3 days. While seeing all the shows and parades and with ample break/nap time in each day. We are also going to California Adventure and that is included in the Ride Max program. It also gives you handy tips and tricks. I love you Ride Max!!!

Welp, that's all for today folks. I am about to go watch a movie with my honey! Enjoy your evening pretty ones.

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