Thursday, November 17, 2011

Live Life List

I have found myself daydreaming about things I want to accomplish or do in my life, a "bucket list" I guess. Except I've decided to call it my Live Life List, and here it is (in no particular order):

-Adopt a pit bull from an animal shelter

-Take a beginner's ballet class

-Ride a horse (this is sort of "fear factor"-ish for me, as I am a tiny bit scared of horses. Go ahead laugh)

-Ride a camel in a foreign country (I am thinking Cairo, Egypt)

-Have (at least) 2 more children

-Visit castles in Germany

-Start Family Sleep nights where us and the kids all sleep in our bed or in the living room, twice a month

-Visit London and Oxford University

-Go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

-Get my hair cut like Michelle Williams

-Read The Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series, Peter Pan and A Little Princess out loud to my children

-Write a novel

-Attempt to have novel published

-Visit St. Petersburg

-Send Christmas cards every year

-Earn a bachelor's degree

-Earn a master's degree

-Become a foster parent

-Stay married till death do us part

-Have a more raw diet

-Make a documentary

-Use photography as art

-Learn a language with Benji

-Never give up

-Go on a vacation without children

-Take each future grandchild on a trip with just me and Benji

-Tell my children I love them, everyday

-Read the entire Bible


-Be the best me

So there it is! Thus far. Any good ideas out there? Do you have your own "bucket list"?


  1. I love this list! And you would look so cute with the Michelle Williams cut, you have a perfect face for short hair!

  2. Aw thank you!

    Make a list too! :)


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