Wednesday, November 16, 2011

December Birthday


Or should I say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

And you can't tell me not to say that, since Thanksgiving is NEXT week, ya'll!!! (noticing a 'cowgirl' theme, are you?)

I would like to announce that my birthday, the day of my birth, is in exactly one month. That's right, I will 25 on December 16th.

As you may have already noticed my birthday is 9 days before Christmas. Now, I have an interesting experience with my birthday since it is so close to Christmas, arguably the most major holiday of the year. Mostly I think people assume I get shafted. "Wow! So close to Christmas! That must be hard!" And while, sure I can relate to that, I think it's friggin' lovely to be born so nearest the bombest holiday around.

So here's the scoop: People tend to get crazed around Christmas time because our materialistic culture says we need to buy EVERYTHING for EVERYONE in our life or they will HATE us for all ETERNITY. And while I love buying gifts, I really dislike that part of Christmas. Like, HELLO, chill out soccer mom, your kid WILL survive without the wii/kinetic/simulated/roller coaster/3D/smell vision video game, mmkay? And if he/she doesn't, you may want to take a look at your priorities, Mrs. Kate Plus 8!! But I digress. I think people feel bad for me because they might think I don't get as many gifts, because HECK, they'll be giving me gifts at Christmas, so GEE, why would they get me this cool thing now? Or whatev. But seriously, it's not about the gifts, yo!!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love presents (PRESENTS!), but what I love more is being around the ones I love on my birthday. (AWWW). But, really, I do. And I actually LOVE having my birthday so near Christmas because it's such a special time of year. I also love my birthday because I share it with Ludwig van Beethvon and Jane Austen (you can be jealous). Which means I am bound to do something cool and awesome, right!!!??!?!

Yes. Indeed.

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