Saturday, November 12, 2011

People Who Are Most Smarter Then Me

You know who I love? People who think because they have been in the company of children, they know what being a parent is like.

"Oh, you really shouldn't let your daughter do that." Says obnoxious person.

"Hm, why's that?" Says me, her parent.

"I read/saw/heard/made up that's it's not very conducive for a creative mind." Says obnoxious, but apparently, creative person.

"Wow! I did not know that, I'll get right on correcting that. Thank you ever so much, expert on my child."

The only thing better then the experts on child development because they watch television, are the people that think they know more then you (the PARENT) because they used to be a kid.

"When I was a child, my parents never let me do that." Says person who obviously knows so much more then me.

"Yeah, and you turned out so wonderfully, and indescribably perfect!" Says me.

Note: while reading above conversations please imagine an upper class snob drawl, won't you?

Note again: this is pure (humorous) sarcasm and is no way a reflection of who I know. I tend to cut out those people out of my life because they make me want to egg and tp their car. Cheers!

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