Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Facts and Feelings


Hate mini golf, but love to bowl.

Aspire to write a young adult fantasy novel.

Let my kids eat mac and cheese from the blue box.

Would rather drink coffee then eat chocolate (though, I have moments).

Feel overwhelmed in crowded places.

Almost always listen to talk radio in the car.

Rather my kids go through something tough then live a problem-free life.

Allow my almost 3 year old pick out her clothes (lots of tutus).

Love Catholic religious art.

Don't own an iPhone or blackberry or any other type of smart phone.

Would rather be smart, then beautiful.

Am a huge, pain in the ---, backseat driver.

Love Disney.

Am not a hipster.

Love brushing my teeth.

Learned how to kick butt at Halo while a newlywed (it's a video game, folks).

Haven't had cable in almost 5 years.

Have a weakness for french fries.

Love Costco.

Am horribly unorganized.

Dream about going to law school, but don't feel smart enough.

Hate raunchy movies.

Buy my kids too many toys.

Love tuna sandwiches.

Plan to get my M.S. in library and information science.

Eat pizza cold.

Dance the best to oldies.

Think my dog is a genius.

Print photos, but don't frame them.

Love sweaters.

Wish I would suck it up and be the best Me.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THIS POST :) And I'm glad you're back bloggin, holla!


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