Thursday, January 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I'm pretty excited about this being my VERY FIRST 7 Quick Takes!! Linking up with Jen Fulwiler and all the gang.

--- 1 ---
I keep having super weird dreams this pregnancy. The other night I had a dream I was 30 weeks pregnant, and OH SO close to having my baby! Unfortunately, it was false and I woke up pretty disappointed. Did I mention this dream also had a beach? Well, it did.
--- 2 ---
Going with a "dream-theme" these first two takes, last night I had a very vivid dream about In & Out Burger. The funny thing is I don't eat beef and haven't for quite some time. So in the dream I was actually just dreaming about an In & Out burger with NO hamburger. Just lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce on a bun. And of course, their awesome fries. Strange much? It gets better. I was in the women's bathroom at this time trying to change Avie's diaper in the ONLY stall with a changing table and people kept going in that ONE stall. Even men. Despite the fact this bathroom was entirely pink. Ben (my hubs) was there also and we were trying to find my non-burger in a pink bathroom, full of men, and real hamburgers, while hoping to change Avie's diaper. Are you surprised I remembered SO many details about this dream? Me too.
--- 3 ---
Wow, only on #3. This quick takes thing is tough!!
--- 4 ---
OH! I know! One of my good friends is expecting her first baby, a sweet boy. We were talking about birth plans and I told her I'd email her mine from Avie's birth. So I did! And I decided to create a page for it on the blog, since reading various examples was helpful for me. Just click in the tab that says "Birth Plan Example". Or click here. If you're having a boy, it'd need to be altered to account for other, ahem, things, if that's what you're doing. Okay!
--- 5 ---
Speaking of births!! I'm going to be re-living the births of my girls for the blog sometime soon. I love a good birth story and I'd like to have the record of both those experiences so I can torture them with the details when they're 14. So look out for those goodies!!
--- 6 ---
Ben and I are contemplating "going away" for one night and leaving the girls with my mom. I put "going away" in quotes not to be pretentious, but because we'd actually just stay in a nearby hotel. We've actually never left Avie overnight (she's 2) and have only left Gwen when I was in the hospital for a couple of reasons (pre-term labor, Avie's birth) and when Avie had surgery. I'm scared!!! I mean, not really scared. But it still feels weird. I want to have an evening of just us...I do. Stop looking at me.
--- 7 ---
I made it to my last quick take!! Victory! My children are so deprived, Gwen thinks popsicles are only for when they are sick. HA! Parenting win? I think so. Thanks for joining me, can't wait till next week!

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  1. here's something I finally started to make 'quick takes' easy- I write a tiny bit every day and save as a draft! Sometimes that tiny bit ends up as a full post so it doesn't make 'quick takes' but usually I end up with 7 things to short on the lovely jen's site

    1. Thank you for the tip, that is a great idea! I am forever thinking of things to blog about while I am putting the kids to sleep or doing something equally time consuming!

  2. I always have dreams about the ocean when I'm pregnant! Also, your In-n-Out Burger dream sounds awesome!

    I hope that you do post your birth stories. I'm such a birth junkie, they're my favorite.

    It's hard to leave your little ones overnight, but your marriage is so so important. I don't think we've had a night away alone since we had our first baby...which was 9 months after the wedding. hahaha I'd encourage you to grab the opportunity while you can! :-)

    1. I love birth stories too! What is it about a great birth story right? I must of read hundreds while pregnant with my first.

      I know we should "get away" but between the money and being away from there, I'm just not sure! We'll see. : )

  3. Hello - I really like your posts in your return to blogging so far. Congrats on joining the RCIA group and deciding to become Catholic! Not sure if you will take the blog in the direction of writing about that, but as a cradle Catholic I am always very interested in what draws people into the Church from other religions or no religion at all. If not, then I do enjoy a good birth story and some humor as well - no biggie. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I will definitely be blogging soon about our choice to join the Catholic Church and how we got that decision.

      : )

  4. I love this! And you! Can't wait to read birth and conversion stories!!

  5. I love your blog! I am a fresh follower.
    Definitely go away for the night, we did it when I preg with #3 and it was the BEST.
    Can't wait to read your birth stories, it looks like Grace's link-up is still open, you should link them!

    1. Thank you Ana!! I love your blog!

      I will for sure link up my birth stories, thanks for the tip!


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