Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm back!

I was going to start a WHOLE NEW blog! So that I could be a WHOLE NEW blogger! But writing the dreaded first post seems like such a waste of my creative genius (wink).

In case you didn't know, we've moved to the faraway land of the Pacific Northwest. The land where we're from, where snow falls and the trees are green. It's pretty lovely here. But like I said, it is COLD! And since it's only January, it'll be cold and coldish for a while. It's def been an adjustment to live in a MUCH, MUCH smaller town after living in a city of millions. Especially when it comes to kid's activities. The only kid activities we've found involve being outside in the said freezing (literally) cold, or a certain place with golden arches and fried everything. And while we have had our share of outside time, the girls have pertussis right now, so we've been locked inside for what seems like ages (but actually around a month, which-come on-is a LONG time with a 3 & 2 year old).

Gwen turns 4 this month and I'm going to take her out for a date, just us. I'm SO excited. Probably more than she is, but I can deal. We're going to get our nails done (oh la la) and go shopping! Yay! I really love this age. It's so fun to hear her playing make believe. I hear the things I say to her so often and she also has a very active imagination that allows her to play with just about anything (lincoln logs that talk, why not?). She's also really beginning to understand what we say to her and we can see her internalizing lessons and life experiences. It's super fun and even though I'll always cherish her as a wee babe, I just love her growing up.

Avalene is, well, 2, so there's that. She is kind of a terror and we joke about calling her the Tasmanian devil, but it sometimes doesn't feel like a joke. I think a combo of the twos and her being the second child congeals to produce a sort of extreme biting, screaming, hitting, monster. I mean child, ahem. I love Avalene, but this stage could not end soon enough.

We're also expecting our 3rd baby! Yippee! And yes, I am actually excited. I know not everyone is a baby person, but I am. To the fullest. I love babies and the way they smell and their sweet baby noises and the way they can't move and destroy things. Due date is mid-July. I'm very looking forward to the girls being BIG helpers since Gwen will be 4 & a half and Avalene will be nearly 3. Here's to hoping. (Don't shatter my dreams, people).

WELP, that's it for my "returning" post. I will try to keep this thing updated. I have some great post ideas, including one about diastasis recti, that I can't wait to share!

Much love & joy,

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