Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Gwen on Your Birthday

Gwen. Yesterday you turned 4.

Daddy and I filled your room with pink balloons during the night so that when you awoke, you'd see all pink and smile. It is your favorite color after all. But instead of staying in your bed, like you usually do, you came into ours, and Daddy went to share your bed with Avie. You're still coughing a lot and I loved getting the chance to cuddle with my big girl.

How can you be 4? I say that and yet, it does feel like you've been around forever. I try to remember what I did with my time before you were born, but all I can come up with is sleep and read.

I love to watch you sleep. It reminds of when you slept as a baby. I hope you always look like my baby when you are sleeping.

The first thing I said to you when you opened your eyes was, "Happy birthday!!!" And the funniest look crept onto your face and you exclaimed, "Today is my birthday?!" It was full of innocence and wonder and I could have cried.

I planned a special day for us: just you & me. Daddy was at school and Nana watched Avie. We got our nails done, toes and fingers! It was your first time and everyone commented on how good you were. I thought it was so funny how serious you looked the entire time! The nail technician painted hearts on all of your fingers, which I know you loved, but you still kept that serious look on your face. I just wanted to cry (yes, again) watching you because you appeared older and the things you said just made me realize how much you are growing up.

Next we got some lunch, next door at a bagel shop. We told them it was your birthday, because that's just fun and they unexpectedly brought your bagel (raspberry with peanut butter) out with sprinkles and a lit candle! You felt completely overjoyed and kept saying, "This is the best birthday day ever!!" over and over. And it was.

We then went and got your bangs cut because I showed you pictures of yourself with bangs and you liked it. Avie also has bangs and I think that made you want them too. You kept asking me if it'd still be your hair if it was cut. Or if you'd be Avie after you got bangs. I don't know why you thought you'd change when your hair was cut, but we talked it out and you were satisfied with the results.

 A little later Daddy took you out to go pick up your cake. The whole month before your birthday you talked about surprise parties. It seemed you didn't think it was a birthday unless people hid and jumped out at the birthday person. So while you were out, Me, Avie, Nana, Grandma & Papa all hid from you. When you walked in we jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE!!" You loved it and talked about it the rest of the night.

The evening was spent opening presents. Every time you opened something you said, "This is just what I wanted!!" It was so sweet.
Everyone had a great time showering you with love. Even Avie got a couple presents and asked us constantly, "My present?" You were a really good big sister and only tried to steal her presents a couple of times.

 Ballerina cake: white cake with strawberry filling. The cake was a huge hit. YUM!

Sister helped with extinguishing the candles. Nana and Daddy kept both of you from catching your hair on fire. Family is so great, huh?

Thankfully you agreed to take a few pictures with me even though all of your gifts were ready & waiting to be played with & fought over. You definitely get your funny-face making skills from me. Just saying.

I had the best day with you. Thank you for showing me what an important job I have as your Mama. Thanks for making me laugh. This is going to be a wonderful year. 

<3 Mom

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