Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Holla! It's Thursday night in this here cold, green part of the country, so I'm posting my Quick Takes with the ever-awesome Jen and the other cool cats.

On Friday morning (perhaps as you read this) Ben and I will find out the gender of our newest baby blessing. YAY!!! If you want to throw your guess out in the comments we are certain it will be a boy or a girl. Come back here Friday afternoon to see the big gender reveal! Can't. Wait. So. Excited. (HERE IS THE GENDER REVEAL POST!)

Speaking of kids,
Avie is 2 and she's pretty funny. One of the more humorous (and strange) things she says is, "honey" and "hunnies".  I have no idea where she came up with this, because I never call anyone "honey".  She said to a random older woman at Target the other night, "What's your name, Honey?"
The humorous one.

We went to the park last week for a walk. The girls were very cranky, but I managed to get a shot of Ben tossing Avie in the air:
Can you spot Gwen as well?

Gwen has started praying loudly when she's been told she's not listening. It goes a little something like, "Dear God, please I will listen to my Mom and Dad. Amen. Father, Son, Holy Spirit." This is accompanied by her looking at us with wide eyes and a head tilt to imply her angelic nature. Mm-hm, sure.

I flushed my wedding band down the toilet. If you're wondering how that is possible and if I did it on purpose, the answers are: I will tell you and no. I usually always wear my wedding band, but lately the metal has been irritating my skin, so I've been giving it a break at night. So there it was sitting on the bathroom counter. I used the bathroom (ahem), flushed and then as I went to wash my hands, the sleeve of my robe knocked my band into the toilet as it was still flushing. What are the chances!? At least, that's what I think happened. I can't find it, so, yep. Don't worry, it was just a plain band. Trying to convince Ben this is the perfect opportunity to get me a diamond band for Valentine's Day. (It's not working).

I need to leave soon to pick up Gwen from preschool, but Avie is napping. It'd be okay if I just left her here right? The school is only about a block away.

Finally caught up on Downton Abbey. Ugh. That show kills me. Is it too much to ask for there to be some good things happening to those people? Come on, Mr. Fellows, really.

Don't forget to come back later for the gender reveal! You can go read the other Quick Takes while you wait anxiously at your computer like I know you will.



  1. Oh man that stinks about your wedding band! I hope it turns up somehow. Maybe when you guys are received into the Church you can have your marriage blessed and get a new band then. Your blessed wedding bands become sacramentals then, so that's cool. :)

  2. I agree with Bonnie. That would be so cool.

    Also, Downton... if only good things happened to those people, what would be our suspense to watch every week?

    1. I said SOME good things. ; ) in moderation of course.

  3. Oh no! Your wedding band! Fingers crossed for a new one for Valentine's ;)

    1. Thank you! I have another one I can wear for now so I don't look like a harlot. ; )

  4. #4 is classic! So sorry about your wedding band, I think you should get a flashier replacement band for Valentine's...maybe you should take a reader poll on that question? :D

    congrats on the newest blessing :)

    1. Thank you! Reader poll...why didn't I think of that!?


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