Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

How is it Friday? I totally spaced and my usual obsessiveness about getting my 7 QT linked up asap was completely absent last night. But! Here I am joining Jen and company for 7 Quick Takes!

This week Bonnie at A Knotted Life posted my conversion story at her site (part II here). All the encouraging comments were SO lovely! Jen herself even commented and I died a little bit from Catholic-famous-people-joy. 

This week was ca-razy. We went to a Mardi Gras party at our parish this week. So. Fun. RCIA is on Tuesdays, so we had to leave the girls with my in-laws, since after the party we had class. They even handed out tokens for beer and wine. What! Maybe this is a Catholic thing, but I've never been to a church that supplied alcohol at a church-sponsored party. Ben was excited. I had a Coke, which is rare for me. PARTY!

I've been walking Gwen to preschool (3 days a week) with the girls in the stroller. They are 35lbs and 28lbs, so I do a lot of panting, but the weather has been so nice and I've actually enjoyed it. Let's hope I can keep it up.

I bought baby brother his first clothing items. I even found some child clip-on ties for $.99. Baby ties!! And I found two newsboys caps. Also $.99. This boy will be, as Gwen likes to say, "STYLISH!"

I recently ordered some religious children's books and one is about the miracles of Jesus. When Gwen saw the picture for Jesus walking on water, she flipped out. She thought it was "SO COOL!" And later when she told Ben about it, the excitement/awe came right back. Melts my heart.

We keep trying to take the girls with us to restaurants. Why? Why do we do this? Is one time not enough to teach us? We made the awesome decision to go out to dinner last night. Yes, on Valentine's Day. And Ben and I were so determined to have a good time, we were oddly upbeat about how badly it was going. It's like we couldn't let go. So sad.

Sometimes I go to online clothing stores and add cute things to my "shopping bag" just for fun. It almost feels like I'm buying the clothes by doing this. I'm not sure why this is fun for me. I've learned long ago not to dig too deep on my quirks. 

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