Monday, February 18, 2013

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Okay, I don't actually wear sunglasses at night. It annoys me to no end when people do that. Why? How can you even see? I digress.

So, here's the scoop: I am a little new at this blogging thing, so imagine my surprise when Firmoo contacted me about reviewing a pair of glasses on this here blog. Me! What! I knew that it was real and cool because the real & cool Ana at Time Flies also reviewed a pair of their glasses. Holla.

I do not wear prescription glasses, but I do have extremely sensitive eyes and extremely amazing taste, so I was thrilled when they let me tint up a pair to wear in the sun. I am a lover of sunglasses. Remember how I said I have sensitive eyes? Well, they are so sensitive, tears will literally start rolling down my face if it's too sunny. My eyes, they're wimpy. Beautiful, but wimpy. I usually have  2-3 paris floating around so I'm never without sunglasses on a sunny day. But I do have favs. And these have become THE favorites.

When my Firmoo sunglasses arrived, they came with a handy case, cleaning towel, and cloth travel bag (which I've been using in my purse). Awesome!

Not only do they completely block out the sun without drastically changing the colors of the world, but they are comfy. Which is probably my #2 most important thing about sunglasses: they must be comfortable. #1 being that they lessen the intense rays of the sun of course. To be honest, I was actually surprised about just how comfortable these babies are. And I have literally been wearing them everyday since they've arrived. Love!

Firmoo is being super awesome and offering all of you a FREE pair of glasses! All you do is pay the shipping.

You can order prescription and non-perscription glasses (like me!). I did decide to tint mine in order to use them as sun protectors, but you don't have to! I am actually thinking of ordering a clear pair because Fimroo has such cute designs. These are the ones I chose for my first pair. I added an 80% brown tint. I love these and these too.

To find the perfect pair for my face, I took a pic using their website and my webcam and got to "try" on all the glasses they offered. Fun and useful. Thanks Firmoo!


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