Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen and friends for my very late 7 Quick Takes!

I'm sick. UGH! And it's the worst. Ya know when you don't feel well and you get on with life, but complain because you're sick? Well, this sick Emily wants to shake the whiny Emily that thinks that "sick" deserves complaining because she ain't no nothing. This is the real deal. 

Avie got it first. Then me. Now Gwen. Ben has yet to be hit. THANK YOU GOD. Because he has been taking care of all of us. Avie does seem better today, so I'm hopeful I'll be okay by summer. 

The weather is just starting to think about becoming Spring, so I am really looking forward to feeling better and getting outside more. Springtime can be muddy, but it's so welcome after long, dreadful winter. 

These QT are just gonna be awful, since I still feel sick and I may/may not be on (midwife approved) drugs. 

So you may want to go make some chili instead of reading the rest. 

Ben and I have been trying to find a suitable boy name for our #3. And it is darn hard! We were looking up saint names and "unique names" last night and laughing hysterically while trying to pronounce some of them. Safe to say: we're still looking.

Family in front of a giant rooster. 


  1. some favorite boy names that I won't get to use....Nicholas, Henry, Sebastian- or you could go Pope with John-Paul or Benedict or wait for the new Pope's name!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions!!! : )

    2. Today is the feast of St. Polycarp...not too many of those! :)

      Seriously, you are going to miss out on my awesome carrot/kale/miso salad AND chia seed pudding if you can't come here to our first faith-sharing group tomorrow from 11 AM to 1 PM. I will pray for a speedy resurrection, although Mike isn't sure if HE will be fully's a nasty cold and flu season! Hugs to make it better!!


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