Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Kids

So it is official, we're having a BOY! Of course, the first thing I do is research boy names and look at adorable boy clothes. I've had the pleasure of buying boy clothes for my nephew, so I know what's up. But it does feel different to look at the little onsies and plaid shirts and think of my baby being in them. I   have gotten pretty lazy is picking clothes out for my girls (I go for the sale). And with my boy and I definitely want to start him off right and be deliberate about what I'm buying. There is some cute stuff out there.

I am still sort in shock about expecting a boy. I am excited! But I am like, a boy, jigga what!!?! Ben and I are both adjusting our view of our kids since it's always been, "our girls" and now it'll be "our kids". The girls seem a little ambivalent to the fact they will have a baby brother. Gwen definitely gets it though and we three ladies each said a little prayer of thanks for baby brother (Ben was working). It was so sweet.

I am banking on baby brother being mellow. From the experience of my friends and family, boy babies seem to be a little more chill than girls. Both our girls were pretty fussy babies. They didn't have colic, but my mom did mention that my nephew cried way less then his cousins. Hopefully this will stand true for our baby boy. So please, DO NOT RUIN MY FANTASY!

Can't wait to meet our newest family member.


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