Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Thank you Jen for putting up with all of us.

Drumroll....7 Quick Takes!!!!$@%#@#%!

My children have been pretty lucky, treat-wise. I'm pregnant which means when I want something, I need it. And lately that has been treats!!!! Treats like this:


Yes, Costco's Chocolate Tuxedo Cake of Delight (or Doom, whatever). I mean, does it really matter what it's called?

Ben had finals until Tuesday, and on Wednesday he let me sleep in. I woke up groggy and squinting at nearly 11 am. 11am!! And was actually upset that he hadn't woken me before then. (I'm so gracious and grateful). When I went upstairs the house was dark and the only one to greet me was our dog Sasha. Okay, it was dark because all the lights were off, but still. I looked at my phone: no messages, no calls. Where was my family!?  I called Ben and he. didn't. answer. Mom panic commence in one...two...well he soon texted me to let me know they were at the library's storytime (our new favorite hotspot). And people, I want to tell you I was all sweet and loving and thankful when I texted him back, but I wasn't. I was still feeling anxious about the fact it was so late in the day. So I was a tad, um, bratty. Sorry babe!

We're having a yard sale on Saturday. I realize so of you are experiencing endless winters, so I can understand if this shocks you. It's not going to be that nice though. Only like 53 degrees. Plus it'll be cloudy. So, boo. Anyways, back to the sale. I have become a tornado of get-rid-of-it and nothing is safe. I have so many things I am selling and I just keep finding more and more. It's getting a little ridiculous. Not because we need the said items, but because I have it in my head that I can price everything individually and that it will all magically happen before 9am Saturday. Pray for us.

In addition to selling our junk, the girls will be selling brownies and lemonade. I have a few boxes of mix, so why not right!?! What's more things to do on yard sale day!?! I am hoping it will occupy them for at least 5 minutes while we try to manage it all. Again, pray for us.

This picture is unrelated to all things. But this is where the yard sale will be. So there's that.

I'll be pregnant until July and I've been preparing mentally for the heat of the summer. We lived in Phoenix for years and even during the summer,  I wore jeans. That's right. Up to 115 degrees some days and I wore pants, always. Sometimes cropped jeans, but never shorts. I just dealt with it. But while I'm pregnant? All bets are off. And let's be honest, the only comfortable clothing during pregnancy (especially those last few months) is nothing. So I have stocked up on some shorts, skirts, dresses and the like for the impending heat and my impending uncomfort. In doing so I have decided to mask my usual white-ness and buy fake tan in a bottle. My legs are white. Case in point: while I wore shorts one day as a teen, my mother asked me what I was wearing tights for. White. I bought this stuff, because it's cheap, gets good reviews, and is a gradual tan. I don't expect to look like someone off of Jersey Shore, but I'm hoping this prevents my blinding anyone while I'm wearing my look-at-me-grow shorts.

We've been going to the local library a lot (see above). And tonight I told the girls we'd be going tomorrow because I had a book on hold waiting to be picked up. Gwen asked if the book was for them. I told her while she could read it when she was a little older, the book was not for them and had no pictures. She then went on to talk about being a "growed up" and going to the library by herself. She then got really serious and started going on about not being able to get books because she has no money. I then opened her eyes to the majesty of the public library system and let her know that you don't need money to borrow books from the library. Thank the Lord.

One of my dearest friends had her first baby today. Congratulations Megan & Nate! Happy birthday Ethan Isaiah!! I am so thrilled for her. But I am sad because they are far away! I cannot wait to meet this little babe and see his sweet Mom. The joy of a child is so more much than we expect isn't it?


  1. Oh that baby makes me yearn for newborn love! Adorable! congrats to your friend and good luck with the sale!

  2. Oh man that Costco cake is soooooo good. It's the sole reason Cecilia says her favorite food is chocolate cake (which she has only eaten like, 5 times since I don't like to share).

    Prayers for a successful & non-stressful yard sale!


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