Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So You're Out Of Pants

Yesterday I went to my dresser and discovered that I had NO clean maternity jeans. Then I discovered I did not even have a pair of clean maternity leggings. So I dug through the never-ending baskets of clean laundry to discover ALL of my maternity bottoms were dirty. See, I was trying to be so very organized and wash "like colors". Which I almost never do (save for whites), I always just toss everything in there and hope for the best. But then I thought, 'ya know, I should really wash jeans with jeans and darks with darks." So here I was suffering at the hand of organization. Lesson learned.

I had to wear a pair of non-maternity jeans at 23 weeks pregnant (baby #3 lest we forget). I did that rubber band trick with the button, but about 5 minutes after driving, I had to rip that thing off or surely my legs would have fallen off from lack of blood. So I basically wore a pair of pants that were unbuttoned and probably unzipped most of the day. Gotta do what'cha gotta do!!! (Don't worry, the shirt I wore was long enough to hide all that goodness).


  1. I am the same way, Emily. I can do laundry fine, but it never gets put away, then I always assume there is something in ALL those clean piles, and you know the rest.

    And I am sure you looked absolutely lovely and skinny in your non-prego pants and no one knew your little secret!

  2. Oh, yeah, oh yeah. I do this all the time. I am really bad about laundry. I just riffle through piles of stuff and think, "Hmmm, I bet I can wear this one more time before I REALLY need to wash it." I feel better.

    Now, I'm thinking of next year's Lenten resolutions already. Nice.

    I was never able to pull off that rubber band trick, either. But then, I was really never able to wear pants when I was pregnant. Always grew out of 'em really fast, and then just wore the same two stinking jumpers and the sweater dress that, literally, saved my life. To this day I can't wear a gray sweater dress, and that was, goodness, almost thirty years ago.

    You rock!


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