Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Favs

Howdy! Linking up with Hallie via Jen for five favorites.


I love kettle corn and this stuff is bomb. My favorite comes from the zoo in Phoenix, which is obviously a pretty lengthy drive from Washington state, but this is a close second.
(Psst. We got ours at Costco.)

Princess Academy (Princess Academy, #1)Palace of Stone (Princess Academy #2)

These books by this lady.
  Rosie let me in on the two book series and I've just picked up another book by the same author. They are young adult I would say. Wonderfully written and with a great message. Plus, I got them from the library so they were free.


My sister.
 She has been sending me baby boy clothes (new & passed down from her son, Noah) and they are all so adorable. She lives in Alaska, which means she has to pay for shipping in money & blood.
I'm so grateful & really hoping her family moves closer to us soon!!!
(Sorry the pic is so big Holly, I'm sure that pisses you off).


The weather.
It was 74 here today. Nuff said.


The fact that we're moving in 3 days!!!!!!
I feel pretty dang thankful that we'll be renting an awesome house from what (so far) have been awesome landlords. I am looking forward to decorating, organizing, picking up dog poo and having my own space.


  1. Thank the good Lord for spring!

  2. Your sister is so beautiful, must run in the family!

    Good luck with the move! Very exciting to begin a new chapter of your lives.

  3. I am with you on that kettle corn - we can't keep it around!


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