Thursday, April 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Last week I forgot Jen was taking Friday off (for Good reason-get it!?!) and I wrote this. This week I am dedicating ALL of my quick takes to food. Welcome to my pregnancy.

I usually enjoy eating food. But during pregnancy, I am borderline insane about it. During my 2nd pregnancy I cried because our favorite donut shop was out of chocolate cake donuts. Cried. I was also super pissed at my husband because somehow it was his fault and how could he not find a way to get me a chocolate cake donut!?!?! 

We lived in Phoenix for a good while and well, it's a large place. So there are a lot of food options. Good, bad, big, little, whatever. Here, where we live now is a small place and there are basically two food options: Mexican and not Mexican. 

I often tell Ben I wish he could experience just for a moment what it feels like to want, nay, need something and not be able to have it. Pregnancy is quite a tricky game and I am amazed at my recall on how certain food tastes and how much I need it in my body now. Please. Now. 

For example:

In&Out fries. The best fries in the entirety of the universe. 
I will love you forever greasy fried potatoes of deliciousness, never forget me. 


I've never had anything here I didn't love. And I just spent 5 minutes looking for pictures to depict the amazing creations that come from the place.
Yes, I'm drooling.

Ben worked at a restaurant In Phoenix that has the best nachos ever. This was bad, but oh so very good for me. I miss them daily. They enter my dreams and taunt me with their gooey queso and perfect guacamole. I can't post a picture. I. just. can't. 

Pray for me.


  1. Praying for you! And, I get angry at my husband for things that are totally not his fault and I am not pregnant, so I think you are normal!

  2. I am just cracking up with the image of the fries not ever forgetting you! Priceless!

    We lived in Tucson for two years and I still have awesome food memories of that place...was there a Chuys in Phoenix? Loved and miss that place, I think it is a big chain now but we still don't have it in Florida


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