Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just Do It!

There are a lot of inspirational people out there who love to tell us normal people how to live our dreams and do what we love. They start out saying that anyone can do it! And all you need is desire/passion/drive to succeed! And then they either push their ebook/website/book/cult or they spend the rest of the post talking about how to succeed in doing what you love; which is basically just stating over & over to just do it and to follow your heart. Now, I get it. I ate this stuff up too for a while. But then I started to just scream (interiorly) "Shut up your dang head!" at them. (That quote by the way is from this movie. Which is hilarious & one of B+my favorite movies of all time).

I think I became annoyed because it's obviously not easy to just go on the journey & save the rivers or whatever. Or everyone would be doing it.

Since I've been self-aware I've always felt torn between wanting to make a home and wanting to travel the world in a Winnebago. One one hand I really would love to create an amazing, cozy, clean homestead. And on the other...I can't imagine spending an excess of time & money on stuff. I love doing things. I love experiences. Even when my children ruin my dreams by behaving like their usual selves while we are experiencing things, instead of being perfect like they were in my idealized fantasy of the said experience.

I think my perfect life would be having a decent home, in a great city and going on adventures every 3-4 months. That's probably realistic right?

Disneyland 2012. 
The place of perfect children & Dole whips. 

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  1. I totally share your frustration with the motivational people. I guess what gets me the most is how much people LOVE that sort of thing, they just eat it up. And then they continue to live their nowhere lives.

    And your perfect-life visions are totally reasonable!


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