Thursday, January 31, 2013

Theme Thursday: Sun Flare/Haze

I can't help but participate in link-ups, you guys. It's a sickness.

Linking up with Clan Donaldson for the new, Theme Thursday Photo Challenge. Whoop whoop.

Here are two photos I took Tuesday. And Cari totally hadn't announced the photo challenge yet, so it's like I knew I needed a sun flare.

Avie in the Sun. Filtered in Picasa.

Both my sun flares in one pic. <3


  1. Everybody cheered when we saw glitter rainbow happiness land had linked up.

    Coolest blog name ever AND psychic abilities? You probably could be supreme overlord if you applied yourself.

    I love the lighting in the first picture- the sun flare and the outline of your babe's hair. So pretty.

    Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you next week.

    1. Psh!! Way to make my day, Cari!! Thank you.

      I pretty much could be supreme overlord, except with each child, more and more of my powers get sucked (literally) away.

      Will totally be linking up next week! Thanks for hosting.

  2. Do you live near Heidi? Cause I swear that's Austria.

  3. Great pics!

    I love that you dubbed your cuties as Sun Flares!

  4. Yowza! That first one is uh-may-zing. (fave blog name goes without saying)

  5. I agree with Dweej. Took the words right out of my mouth.


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