Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walking! In! The! Cold!

So I'm pregnant. And it's super cold here and while I really love to walk (walk-not run, not to be confused), it's been very cold and very icy and that's been a sufficient excuse to myself for not getting any exercise.

But the weather has been getting warmer (as in, if I wear layers, my buns do not freeze immediately, but later), and so I made the girls go on a walk with me. Gwen does okay walking with us, but Avie just can't handle it. She goes about two steps and folds slowly to the ground until someone carries her. Luckily I have a super awesome double stroller that I received as a gift, so we used that.

I got them all ready early in the day and as soon as they were dressed, they started playing perfectly. What the what!? Of course I wasn't going to mess that up, so I parked my rear and I "played" too. On my laptop. 

Hours passed and people began to get grumpy. Mainly me, but that's not really a problem I can fix without a nap. I packed them all up and we headed out! It was a gorgeous gloomy and dreary, cold day. 

Full of excitement.

Gwen complained almost the whole time. Which added a lovely soundtrack to the otherwise quiet and serene atmosphere. We even go to meet Ben as he walked home from class.

A showing me her toys. G showing me her true colors.

When we got home I exclaimed, "Wasn't that fun!?" 
To which Avie replied enthusiastically, "Yes!"
And Gwen said, "No! My hands are cold, my face is cold...ughhh."

Pretty sure this will become a regular activity! 


  1. I'm so impressed! I'm from Texas and refuse to go walking in the cold and it isn't even that cold! Love your stroller! I just picked up a double jogger off of craigslist for $50 and I am super pumped to use it. When it's warmer. :)

    1. Thanks!! It's a Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I love it!!

    2. Oh fantastic! I'm searching for a double stroller and was just going to ask what you have :)


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