Monday, February 11, 2013

A Conversion Story

Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and this year it is particularly meaningful to our family.

Ben and I will be joining the Catholic Church come Easter Vigil and the girls will be baptized soon after. One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, Bonnie, asked me to write a guest post detailing our/my conversion. I am honored that someone I have followed for a while would take such an interest in our journey and I excitedly agreed. Bonnie has posted the first part of the story on her blog. Go over and read it and then stay awhile exploring her rich insights!

Thank you again to Bonnie for giving me the opportunity to share my heart.

Prayers welcome.

Bonnie has posted the second part to our story!


  1. I commented @ Bonnie's, but I also wanted to give you some comment love here. :) Thanks for sharing! You and your beautiful family are in my prayers this lent!


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