Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen et al for 7 Quick Takes!

I actually had time last night to post. But I didn't because I was reading Princess Academy. Rosie recommended it and I couldn't put it down! I love children's/middle grade/young adult books. And as I said here, I'd love to contribute my own.

If you want to know how to get your kids obsessed with toys they never look at, start putting them in a box for a yard sale or goodwill. Yep, that will do it. Ask me how I know.

I know that Avie really listens to me because she repeats the things I say all the time. It's really cute until she starts telling me she needs me to be quiet because she's trying to read a story. Okay. It's cute then too.

We went to this dangerous park yesterday. It's really cool and probably eco-friendly, but it's like the person designing it didn't realize kids would actually be playing on it. I took some pictures:
One of the dangerous climbing things.

Slide that you get to from scaling tiny ladder steps with no rail.


Climbing the perilous steps.

Enjoying the fact she survived the climb.

Some weird spinning thing that Gwen later smacked her face on.

At least I got this cool picture.

Insane ring climbing thing that Ben barely made it out of. 

Not so bad.


Sometimes Ben & I brainstorm fun business ideas. One we've had a long time is a book/coffee shop. For weeks one time we went back and forth coming up with clever, pun-y names that used titles of famous books or authors. I still think that it'd be way fun to open one. We could have book club nights and host mom groups. I could carry babies in slings and be the coolest, most friendly book seller ever. Ben and I have about 4 years barista experience between the two of us, so we feel pretty confident on that front. And I love books. So pretty much we're set! What else would we need!?!?! (Don't answer that.)

I'm getting to the point where my pregnant belly is itchy. Ugh. What is with that!?!? I think itchy belly and peeing every 5 seconds are the most annoying parts of pregnancy. They aren't particularly difficult things and they're certainly not painful. But boy they are annoying.

We have a few things we're selling on craigslist. We're in no rush, so some ads have been up for a while and we just renew them every once in a while waiting for someone to contact us. Well one of those items was a giant cat tower that belonged to my mom. We don't have a cat and therefore have no use for a cat tower. So this lady texts Ben about it and she agrees to come over today. Before she comes over we agree on the lowest price we'll take if she tries to barter. She was about 30 minutes late and after Ben comes back in he says she thought the ad said it was cheaper than Ben was asking for and offered us our lowest price, so he took it. Well we decide to check out our ad and it did say the price she thought and she ended up giving us $10 more than that!!! Uh....whoops.


  1. That playground looks awesome! But also terrifying... And stressful! I love taking the kids to the playground but when I feel like they need to be spotted on every piece of equipment? Yeah, not worth it...

    And I'm so glad you're loving Princess Academy! If you need more author & book recommendations, I've got maybe a trillion - but it gets stressful sometimes when you know there are so many books out there that you want to read and you have no time to read them! So I suggest reading your way through Shannon Hale and deciding where to go from there :)

  2. I love the pictures from the scary park. Most of the ones in our area are really safe but every once in awhile I think the same thing you did, "The person who made this does not have kids!"

    1. Thanks! Most of the parks around here are great too. I think this one is geared towards kids a little, but they still had a lot of fun.

  3. I'll have to tell you that most playground equipment looks like that nowadays. When I was a girl though, it was MUCH WORSE!

    There's a reason why your husband can barely fit: he's not supposed to. Just sayin'...

    Unless your daughter has actually fallen from the equipment (and hurt herself), I would not worry about it. My parents were very cautious about the playground, too, to the point where I became an outcast at school because I was "not allowed" to play on the equipment and was terrified to do so. I didn't understand why others girls got to have so much fun, and later I became very resentful of my mom (especially) for being so overprotective.

    Given the seriousness of liability issues these days, I'm quite sure the park has given adequate thought as to the safety of the equipment.

    Let her play, she looks like she's having a ball.


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