Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favs

Here are my five favs for this week! 


Yesterday I ate TWO of these within 2 hours of each other. 


I am not a big soda pop drinker (usually), but during pregnancy I crave it. With Avie, I drank a ton of Dr. Pepper. Yum. But this time it doesn't really satisfy. Then I had some canned soda water and I knew: this is IT. So today we bought some Talking Rain flavored sparkling water (we bought ours at Costco too, like the link but ours was over a dollar less! Holla.). 


My new phone. My original phone was having issues. Serious issues. So I took it in, as you do. Since it was less than a year old the warranty was still good. Yay! I was expecting the same model that I had. Which is what usually happens. Part of getting a new phone for almost free (ours has a $5 fee) is I have to keep the back of my original phone, the battery and my SIM card. Welp, the phone they sent me was a newer model of the same phone and the back wouldn't fit. It was completely different, and so was the battery. So I went back into the store all frustrated. And lo, they said I could keep the newer model and just send the whole old phone back! While keeping my SIM card. So NOW I have a nicer, newer phone that I paid $5 for. WINNING!


TMI favorite:

These babies are helping me & my littlest love.



Pope Francis.

Thanks for hosting Miss Moxie


  1. YES!! To number 2! I lived off of flavored sparkling water for all my pregnancies. Was always worth that second mid week trip to the store becauase my pregnancy brain would forget it every single time!

  2. Agreed.

    Not a huge soda person until this pregnancy rolled around and now I drink it faaaar too often. Yeah. Give me sweet carbonation.

  3. Can I just tell you how much I love that your profiles say things like "the glitter behind the rainbow" and "the snuggle in my sleep"? You are too cute. And creative! I love it. :)


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