Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

The weekends around here suck because Ben works, and it annoys me to no end when people post how happy & elated they are for Friday, the best day everrrrrrr!!$%@#%&*!

We moved. 
YAY!!!! The day before & the day of & the day after were really tough. I don't know why I thought it'd be so much easier to move since most of our stuff was already in boxes from our move from Phoenix (the land of food) to North Central Washington. Well. Maybe we had to pack less, but unpacking was even more awful since we had packed these boxes many moons ago and had no idea where some of our things were since the box had not been re-labeled (ahem, Ben).
I obsess over labeling boxes during a move. I think this is due to the fact we've moved as a married couple over ten times. There is NO way you would not know what was in a box I packed and labeled. I even sometimes list individual items if I think it will be helpful. Anyways, it feels spectacular to be here & we've been (almost) enjoying every minute.

For the first time we have front-loading washing machine. It is an older one and although I was scared in the beginning, it's been working well. Well last night I needed to add something to the load I had started, so I turned the machine off & opened the door.

Still learning here.

After telling you how much people LOVE to exclaim at my large assets, I thought I'd provide a peek into what they see:

Me in my natural habitat.
27ish weeks.
 These were both taken the day after I wrote that post, on Tuesday.
Judge what you will.

I've been trying to play more with the girls. And since a lot of their "games" involve bossing me around & telling me where to go and what to say, I decided when I play with them, I should do something that I at least enjoy a little (or a lot). So we've been having many-a tea party. I actually do love to do this with them because we talk & pretend things and I use real tea. We take turns being the hostess and I've taught them that the hostess always serves her guests first.
Making potential princesses over here since 2009.

What you can't see is the roasted seaweed they were also dipping in the tea.
Yes, they eat seaweed, not I do NOT.
I'm gonna do the homeschool thing next fall with both girls. It's more for Gwen, but Avie can tag along too. Gwen will be not yet 5, and Avie will be almost 3 when we "officially" begin. Any curriculum suggestions welcome! I don't want to hodge podge things together, because then I know I would not do it (especially with a newborn). I need something that will tell me exactly what to do & what supplies to have. I'd like something that is faith based, because that's important to us & fun to teach the girls. I don't know what we'll do for the next school year (what will be Gwen entering Kindergarten), so I don't want to go crazy on the spending. 

How am I only on #6!?!?! 

I made it all the way to #7 without complaining about pregnancy. But I can hold it in no longer. 
I think my feet are swelling!!! This has never happened to me and it leaves me confused and in pain. My feet are killing me by the end of the day. There are of course the givens: lack of sleep, heartburn, ligament pain, peeing every .904398241 second. And truly, I feel blessed to be carrying this babe. But I gotta tell it like it is, amen?

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  1. you look SO cute. really. Making me miss my bump which is very difficult.

    and I'm with you on the weekend thing. Sime doesnt work every weekend but a LOT of weekends he does and I hate the weekends usually too. solidarity there.

  2. Congrats on the move!
    Have you checked out Catholic Heritage Curriculum? They've got day-by-day lesson plans, and are the best combination of gentle approach combined with solid content. You never feel like you're "schooling at home" but rather like you're honestly homeschooling.
    Good luck!

  3. You are beautiful, that is all there is to it. And my husband LOVES seaweed.

    Oh! And I hate to say this because you are so stylish, and they are so granny-like, but have you tried compression socks? They worked absolute wonders for me in my last pregnancy.

    And I *think* I fixed my email linkedy!

  4. AHH you are such a cute cute pregnant lady! Here I am awkwardly commenting on your body, but you look like you're all belly which is how I tend to carry and I also get a lot of "WOW you're so huge, you're going to give birth any day, no way are you going to make it to your due date" type comments when I'm pregnant.

    And my swollen feet were one of the worst things about my first pregnancy (John Paul's a July baby) - I had these yoga mat flip flops that were the ONLY shoe I could comfortably wear but I still looked like I had hobbit feet at the end of every day. Keep your feet up as much as you possibly can - see if you can make it a game with the girls that they get to try balancing stuffed animals on your legs or something!

  5. Hi. The top is great and, I think, flattering in showing the beautiful baby bump, which is just a classic perfect shape! Try the same picture, same sweater closer to your due date! That would be interesting- July, right?

    E. S.


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